2018 Flat bed classes and instructors
Helen Koshak
Diana Sullivan
Saturday: Beginner or Returner - This Class is For You
TLC for your machine, Speak the lingo, Cast-on & Bind-off tips, Gauges and Consequences, Basic Seams,
Some basic joins and edges, Pattern: My First Cable Afghan!, Get more knitting done while having more fun
Sunday: Garter Bar Guru
Speed Rip, Garter and Quaker, Increase, Decrease Evenly, Move Selected Stitches, Speedy Cables and lace,
Perfect Hat Crown, Baby Hat Pattern
Both Days:
Any Machine Can....
Weave on any flatbed, Intarsia,any machine, Fair Isle on Any Flatbed, Mitered Neckband & Scalloped Hem,
Featured pattern Baby Pants, Loopy Scrubbie
Something Different
Diana's version of Clapotis (bias drop lace), Ten-Stitch Variations, hand-Tooled Feather & Fan,
V-Neck, Crochet-look Edging, Fern Lace
Ribber Roundup
Tips, Cast-Ons, Several bind-offs, Brioche Stitch, Long Stitch magic, Fastest Slipper Ever, Child-s T-Top,
Zig zag Rib Scarf
You Gotta know short-rows - 50 minutes
Partial Knitting or Shortened Rows is a knitting technique used for shaping. Most commonly used for bottoms of skirts, sweters, but darts or for chaping sideways knits. Yet Part Short Row knitting can be very decorative and become the center of interest in your garment design. class for all machines, any gauge.
Is It Ombre or Gradient - 50 minutes
By using this technique, you can create Designer Knits with ease. There is not much differnce between using the stitches, but it's the color and yarn placement that is important. Regardless of the type of your machine (manual, punchcard, or electronic), with these techniques Helen will demonstrate how you can upsscale your Designer Knits.
Variations of Card #3..Part 1 & 2 - 80 minutes
Helen will show you how to add new stitches for your knitting machine's repertoire, by using different carriage settings to improve our shape, fit, and texture. This class is for all programmable machines, any gauge.
Slip & Tuck Stitch Combined - 80 minutes
These unusual stitch pattens combine both Slip Stitch and tuck Techniques which allow you to knit creative, beautifully textured fabrics. Depending on your yarn and stitch patter, the knitted fabrics can be loose and lacy, or heavily textured. You should be familiar with your machine setup and understand your machine settings for tuck and slip.
Tuck and Slip Stitches Revisited - 50 minutes
Basic Tuck Knitting Instruction: Depress both tuck buttons. All needles in "B" will knit. The needles in "D" position will not knit. The yarn in "D" position will lay in the needle. As for slip stitches, Helen will sow you why you want to knit tuck and have a greater understanding or the tuck stitch.
Combining Stitches & Rows - 50 minutes
There is nothing more disappointing than to add a fancy trim or band to yor garment that does not fit correctly. Helen will show you how to calculate the stitch and row calculations. See how to rehang the garment, be it stitches or rows, so it appears to fit.
Slip Stitches Revisited and Mosaic Knitting - 80 minutes
Enhance slip stitches by modifuing the machine's carriage setting. All working needles that are in "B" position will knit. Those in "D" position will slip. Both new or veteran knitters find that mosaic technique or color knitting, the prospect of handling two ormore strands of yarn at a time may seem dauting. Helen will show you the magic or slipped stitch mosaic knitting.
Questions and Answers - 80 minutes
Now's the time to get those answers to the pesky questions that have been running around in your brain. Helen will be available to answer those questions that you didn't want to ask in class because you thought they were "dumb" (hint: there are no "dumb" questions). Or you've been trying to do something on your machine and it's just now working out like it should. This is the timeto get those problems resolved.