2015 Flat bed classes and instructors
Helen Koshak
Zelpha Hutton
Creating Large Shaped Shawls - 80 minutes
What can be more fun than sharing patterns and ideas for large wrap around shawls, which are all the rage. Zelpha will demonstrate a method of Short Row shaping while using the lace carriage for lace pattern knitting.
Double Bed Jacquard - 80 minutes
At a seminr, I watched a Passap a technique demo and thought, "I think I can do that on my Brother"! I will demo and explain 6 basic jacquard pattern techniques, including reversible patterning. And give a lesson for the REVERSIBLE, really, big afghan. NO SEAMS. Comes off the standard machine bed a stretchy 68 to 70 inches wide. Off the bulky it is 86 to 90 inches wide.
Fun Stitches! What else can the machine do? - 50 minutes
Zelpha will share some of her favorite stitches - drop stitch, open lace (John Allen), crochet looks and what she makes using them.
Out-side of the Box, Just Fooling Around - 50 minutes
Zelpha will share many of her one-of-a-kind ideas, hoping to inspire you and hoping you will inspire her.
Stripe Tease - Contemporary Stripe Designs - 90 minutes
Discover interesting multicolor patterns that are created with simple stripes. Using as few as one color or a one color pattern per row, you can create amazing stripe repeats. Learn how to generate the perfect stripe patterns, even using single and odd number stripes, most without cutting the yarns. These techniques are easy, but the results are dramatic.
Partial Knitting or Knitting Shortened Rows - 90 minutes
This technique means fewer rows are knitted over some stitches. These shortened rows are needed ideally for collars or darts. but consider using partial knitting as the center of interest in your garment design. Helen will cover her repertoire Miters short row knitting and Spiral short row designs.
Weft & Vertical Knitting for Decorative Texture Knitting - 50 minutes
Explore a variety of weft & vertical stitches by using the weaving option on your knitting machine. Helen will expand your knowledge of basic stitch construction known as thread weaving or laying in yarn, which only requires simple settings. Weaving allows you to add color and surface texture to your machine knits. This is a wonderful technique for that biasing yarn, or for your cone of mystery yarn.
Tile Insert Knitting - 50 minutes
A super way of creating different designs by using a completely different color or colors in the middle of an all over fairisle design. This is a great knitting technique for garments or knitted accessories. Helen will demonstrate how to knit large tile motifs.
Knitting in the Round - 50 minutes
An underutilized kntting technique. Circular knitting allows you to knit a seamless tube. A great feature for socks, neck treatment, etc. Helen will cover set-up, kntting, and shaping when using this technique.
Sarah Etchison
Exploring Charting Devices - 80 minutes
Many of us have these devices in our stash but we have not learned to use them or we have forgotten about them. Knitters who are looking for a way to easily produce a shape and want to knit the shape in a different color, different yarn, or a different knit stitch will find these devices handy. We will explore the use of the knit leader for Brother, the knit contour for Silver Reed, and the KR10 which can be used in conjunction with any machine. We will learn the principles for the use of these devices.
Needle Set-ups using the ribber with Racking - 80 minutes
Unique fabrics can be created just by changing which needles are used to create the pattern. It is not always necessary to use all of the needles within the stitch count. Removing needles can add variations that are unique to the creator. Adding the patterning capability of punch cards/electronics and racking can further widen or stitch library. We will explore variations using needle set-ups and racking techniques.
Combing lace with tuck and weaving - 50 minutes
Lace by itself is extremely beautiful. However, when we combine lace with other techniques such as weaving and tuck, we can produce even more fabulous patterns. We will explore this stittch technique and learn how to modify lace patterns to incorporate weaving.
Automatic shaping using punch cards or electronics - 50 minutes
A great way to speed up your knitting and take advantage of the knitting machine's capabilities. Shaping for toes, heels, armholes, necklines, etc. can easily be accomplished by the use of the punch card or electronics. This is not a new concept. We will re-visit the techniques.