2015 Passap classes and instructors
Barbarb Scanlon
Sharon Minrath
One Pattern - 80 minutes
Take just one pattern and manipulate it in such away as to have 8 different looks. Change the number of colors or the row sequences, use different needle set ups or knitting techniques. Get your creative juices flowing.
Billie Hall
Pat Groves
Space Dyed Yarns with Solid Color Yarns - 50 minutes
So you fell in love with a gorgeous multi-colored yarn and now you're not exactly sure how to use it to show it off. Learn how to combine that yarn with a solid yarn to really make it pop.
Knit Technique 179 - 50 minutes - E6000 only
Oh, the possibilities this technique gives us. It opens up a wealth of fairisle possibilities. Come explore the techniques that knits only a single row for each row of the pattern - unlike the other fairisle techniques..
Alter Loop - 80 minutes - E6000 only
Travel through all the directions a stitch pattern can be used. What makes 3 and 4 color patterns? Learn to put a number of rows or stitches between patterns, space the patterns side by side or stack them.
U-100(E) Plus - 80 minutes
How long has your U-100 (E) been in its box? Well, it's time to get it out and reintroduce (or introduce) yourself. I promise when we get through, you will once again be on a first name basis with it. I will show you every one of its settings and how easy it is to use. Then, after you learn the basics, you will be amazed at the "I didn't know you could do that" combinations with patterns and techniques that you can create.
Embossing Techniques - 80 minutes
Passap invented many knitting techniques that result in fascinating and comlicated looking fabrics. Embossing techniques give us just one of these beautiful fabrics. I will "uncomplicate" this technique by looking at the built-in embossing techniques as well as introducing you to Passap's reader card techniuqes for 2 and 3 color embossed fabrics.
Scallops - 50 minutes
Scallops can make a great addition to any garment for you or for that special child in your life. There are several techniques you can use to add them to the edge of a garment or in one case, to the middle of the garment. Did you know that you can use pattern 1130 (Deco card 77) in a couple of different ways to create a scalloped border? Well, you can and you can also add a second color to this technique.
Carpet Stitch - 50 minutes
Carpet stitch is a variation on long stitch. It is a fun way of adding a lot of texture to your knitting. Use it to knit an accent piece such as a collar or a hat or maybe even a complete sweater. This technique is created by knitting 2 rows without yarn and then 2 rows with yarn or you can use a "stitch dumper". I will show you both ways to create this interesting textured knit in 1, 2, 3 and 4 colors.
Repairing the Color Changer - 80 minutes
So you broke one of the control levers on your color changer (that little white nub), and need to replace it. Yes, you can do this and I'll lead you through the ins and outs of replacing it on the Auto-color and the standard color changers.
Adjusting the Face Cam and the "Jaws" on the back lock - 80 minutes
Ever had a problem with an eyelet not being picked up correctly or one of the holders popping up when it shouldn't, you you saw me tell someone with the same problem to adjust the face cam or the "jaws"? We'll go over just what I meant and how you can do the adjustment yourself.
Changing a Needle Channel - 50 minutes
At some point in your knitting career, you may get a nicked/damaged needle channel. It's not the end of the world, but it will eventually cause your machine to jam if you don't replace it. It's not difficult, just a bit time consuming. We'll go over the tricks to getting it done successfully.
Fun with Fisherman's Rib - 50 minutes
One of my favorite knitting techniques because it's so versitile. We'll go over some of the many variations I've played with and might even discover some others in class.
Passap 101 - AKA Getting to Know Your Passap! - 120 minutes
You have a Passap, now what!? So, as the song goes, "let's start at the very beginning". Once you know more about how your Passap knitting machine works, you will be able to do so much more! During this 2 hour class, I will explain the parts of the Passap, how the pushers work, how the lock settings affect the needles and/or pushers, and what the knitted stitches look like with each setting. We will also go over how to set the color changer and some simple maintenance and repair tips. Doesn't matter whether you are a new owner or someone who has had your Passap for a while, everyone should understand how their machine works, then the sky's the limit!
Fingerless Mittens - 50 minutes
You Didn't Knit That on a Passap! - Knitting Heavier Yarns for Quick and Easy Projects - 80 minutes
Fingerless mittens are all the rage. Have you been watching 'Outlander'? Class will explore set up, techniques, ribbing options, tricks and various design options
Don't have a bulky knitting machine? How could I possibly knit a heavier yarn on my Passap? Learn the tricks and tecniques for knitting heavier yarns on thePassap. What Knitting Techniques work best? What yarns might I be able to knit? Combine yarns to make your own unique yarn. There are many items we can knit quickly with very little yarn. We will explore the possibilities. Circular cowls, boot cuffs, buttone scarf/cowl.
Band, Rib, Welt - No matter the name, it's a beginning! - 50 minutes
We'll explore techniques that go beyond simple 1x1 or 2x2 ribs. How to use the tuck stitch pattern of the garment in the rib, so that the stitch pattern flows from the rib to the body of the garment. Squiggly rib. Combine stitches in a rib. Unique 2 color rib. Hand manipulated rib, and more!