2018 Passap classes and instructors
Sharon Minrath - Sunday only
Billie Hall
Pat Groves
U-100(E) Plus - 80 minutes
How long has your U-100 (E) been in its box? Well, it's time to get it out and reintroduce (or introduce) yourself. I promise when we get through, you will once again be on a first name basis with it. I will show you every one of its settings and how easy it is to use. Then, after you learn the basics, you will be amazed at the "I didn't know you could do that" combinations with patterns and techniques that you can create.
One Design - 20 Knitting Techniquess - 80 minutes
As we know, a kntting technique is controlled by the lock and/or pusher settings. However, some patterns or designs, when coupled with color, can create a surprisingly different look from the original. To help understand the differences in knitting techniques and how they affect a design, I will use one pattern and follow it through 20 techniques. This is a great visual review of kntting techniques for advanced knitters and for new knitters whis will give you an understanding as to what the locks are doing in the various techniques.
Check it out - 50 minutes
You won't believe how many ways there are to knit checks! Single bed, double bed, one, two, thress and 4 colors, or using the U100E are just a few techniques. We will look at simple built-in 1 and 2-color techniques as well as some others that require a little planning. Two, three and four-color checks can be very exciting, or what about combining different combinations in one garment?
Adding Stripes to the Background on the E6000- 50 minutes
Do you know you can add .1, .2, or .3 to your 2 color knitting technique to create vertical stripes? These vertical stripes can be added between patterns or to surround single motifs without drawing a reader card or using any software. I will have you programming these stripes in all your garments (well, maybe not all of them).
Repairing the Color Changer - 80 minutes
So you broke one of the control levers on your color changer (that little white nub), and need to replace it. Yes, you can do this and I'll lead you through the ins and outs of replacing it on the Auto-color and the standard color changers.
Charting the infamous set-in sleeve- 80 minutes
Set-in sleeves on a sweater have the ability to make you look thinner than the ever popular drop shoulder, which adds unnecessary fabric and bulk to the underarm area. There's an easy way to chart the sleeve cap so that it fits in the sleeve opening and we'll go over the formula on how to do it.
Sock yarn isn't just for socks- 50 minutes
Have you seen some of the really gorgeous socks yarns that are out there these days? How about some of the fingering weight yarn that the hand knitters use? But you really don't like to knit socks? We're going to explore all the other uses for sock yarn that you may not have thought about.
Mosaic fabric- 50 minutes
We'll go over what mosaic kntting really is (also called floatless fairisle). And then explore what the patterns look like and how they knit. We'll also take a hand knitting mosaic pattern and translate it to a machine knitting pattern. This fabric can be created on any machine with the ability to hold/slip stitches.
Passap 101 - AKA Getting to Know Your Passap! - 120 minutes
You have a Passap, now what!? So, as the song goes, "let's start at the very beginning". Once you know more about how your Passap knitting machine works, you will be able to do so much more! During this 2 hour class, I will explain the parts of the Passap, how the pushers work, how the lock settings affect the needles and/or pushers, and what the knitted stitches look like with each setting. We will also go over how to set the color changer and some simple maintenance and repair tips. Doesn't matter whether you are a new owner or someone who has had your Passap for a while, everyone should understand how their machine works, then the sky's the limit!
Fingerless Mittens - 50 minutes
Pockets - 80 minutes
Fingerless mittens are all the rage. Have you been watching 'Outlander'? Class will explore set up, techniques, ribbing options, tricks and various design options
Add pockets for fun, decoration and utility. Pockets for the kids or pockets to finish off that suit. We explore pockets with ribbing, without ribbing, tab pockets, false pockets, patch pockets.
Collars - 50 minutes
Everythng old is new again! Taking from early Model Books and other sources, we will explore everything from a simple collar, to a rounded Eaton collar, to a stockinette collar with rib edging, to a scarf collar and a variation of that to a standing collar, to a lacy collar for a V-neck and maybe more! Change an existing sweater or knit that favorite sweater again, but add a collar.
Buttonholes- Traditional and Not so Traditional! - 80 minutes
Do you shy away from knitting a cardigan because of the dreaded buttonhole? Not to worry. After this class, you will be ready to tackle that full length cardigan! We will explre how to make a buttonhole in 1:1, 2:1, or full needle rib; in a tubular band and a buttonhole band with a latched edge, a false buttonhole and the unconventional buttonhole.

Charlie Bridges
Socks - The important details - 50 minutes
Learn some of the tips to knit a top-down sock and how to seam the ribbing so it doesn't show and the sock is comfortable to wear.
Mary Slattery - Saturday only
Great Beginnings - hems and trims - 80 minutes
Short row Techniques - 50 minutes
Transferring designs into the E6 - 80 minutes
Tuck/slip Stitches - 50 minutes