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KNIT-A-BIT originated in the Seattle area in 1979 and moved to Oregon City in 1993. Our goal since the demise of the Passap factory in Switzerland has been to keep machines running and provide continuing education for Passap knitters, which is the primary reason for Pacifically Passap. The first Pacifically Passap seminar was held in 1999 to bring together Passap knitters on the West Coast and also to replace the annual Passap Evolution seminar once held by now defunct Passap America, Inc. Little did we know the response would be so enormous.

Pacifically Passap has grown to include four core instructors plus additional guest instructors. Classes at the seminar range from Passap 101 for beginners, to advanced knit techniques, and can even include instruction in techniques to embellish your knits.

There’s a great camaraderie in being in a group of knitters that all speak the same language (Passap), and the energy level is exciting to see. Come join us at Pacifically Passap and experience a weekend of learning, fun, and meeting new friends.

For the 2018 seminar we're again opening our doors to the Brother/KnitKing, Studio/Silver Reed knitters as many of the Passap knitters also have these machines. This is an opportunity for knowledge transfer from one set of knitters to another.
Please note that this seminar needs to be a fragrance free seminar. Several of our attendees and your host are extremely allergic to fragrances. Please take the time to find some fragrance free products to use. Scented dryer sheets are some of the worst as they actually impregnate your clothes with the scent and it can't be washed out (we've tried and the manufacturer has told us it's supposed to work this way). In your seminar packet we'll provide you with the names of some products that are fragrance free to help you.
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